Thursday, February 27, 2014

Government’s Hypocrisy On Urban Transport

By Vidyadhar Date: "The programme sponsored by the urban development ministry is well-intended. But look at the policies followed elsewhere and in reality. While one arm of the government seeks to promote public transport, another arm, Akashvani, is promoting the motor car. And shamefully this is being done through a programme sponsored by a motor car company called DSK Toyota. This programme in the morning prime time on the Mumbai B station glamorises, idolizes the motor car. So even a public service broadcasting utility with a fine tradition is being subverted from within and is promoting vested interests.

And did we not hear during the Delhi assembly poll campaign how Mrs Sheela Dixit, the then Congress chief minister, openly talked of building more double decker flyovers. And in one nauseatingly repeated and idiotic Bharat Nirman advertisement the flyover is touted as a symbol of progress."

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