Wednesday, May 14, 2014

To address #climate, downsize transport - Lokayat

...It is thus the global capitalist system that is responsible for the global ecological crisis. It is the ruling capitalist classes – who control the levers of power in the developed and underdeveloped countries and who for

their profiteering are interested in maintaining this system – who are preventing humanity from making the bold decisions needed to tackle this crisis.

This can be easily understood with the help of an example. The transport sector is the biggest user of fossil fuels in the global economy. In order then to drastically reduce the global consumption of fossil fuels,

the transport sector will have to be severely downsized. This means reorienting the way the global economy runs today: it would mean replacing private vehicles with public transport and promoting use of cycles for

short distances – but these measures would severely affect the profitability of the car and truck manufacturing companies as well as the oil companies; it would also mean decentralizing production to reduce

transport of raw materials and finished products over long distances – but the giant multinational corporations who dominate the global economy today believe in hugely centralizing production to reduce costs...

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