Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kolkata - "Why aren't they banning cars?"

Times of India: "Arora said, "Kolkata, with its different means of public transports and NMTs, could be a model for other cities. But it is shying away from its own model and is turning into a car-centric city, imposing caps on public transport and promoting cars instead of public transport".

Transport expert and director of the Institute for Democracy and Sustainability Rajendra Ravi wondered: "Cycles, unlike cars, occupy minimum space. Why aren't they banning cars?" Ravi said, "Cycle-rickshaws became a symbol of poverty in India, but came back as a symbol of development when the West adopted it."

He expressed concerns on governments opting for costlier modes like rail-based mass transit sytem in cities like Kolkata where the commuting requirement is barely 4 to 5 km."

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