Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bengaluru -- #publictransit is a mess, a dangerous, expensive mess

Companies tell employees to take public transport - The Hindu: "The real reason for this request is the skyrocketing prices for parking space. Parking for a four-wheeler can cost anywhere from Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 8,000 per month. He said, “That is the reality, but no company will admit it.”

With pressure to cut costs, companies want to reduce expenditure on manpower, real estate and travel costs.

If employees take public transport, the company need not arrange for cabs, which also saves them the trouble of verifying the antecedents of cab drivers.

One person working in Whitefield said that it is not easy to drive in the locality as two-wheelers skid on sand scattered on the road while construction debris is dumped on road dividers."

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