Monday, October 12, 2015

Hostile corporate media frames #carfree days as "hurting the people." Cars don't?

The Hindu: "Q. But a lot of car users are wary of what is in store for them on October 22 despite it being a holiday (Dussehra) and the curtailed duration of the initiative; do you think you will be able to execute it on subsequent occasions, especially on weekdays?

A. We have reiterated that the objective is not to harass commuters or force them onto buses and the metro regardless of their will. The idea is to promote public transport as a viable alternative; to illustrate that commuting in Delhi is possible without owning a personal vehicle, which has become, over the years, a status symbol. All the government wishes to showcase is that it is time to move beyond that kind of tokenism for the sake of what matters the most – the health of the individual and the environment."

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