Monday, February 15, 2010

Bangalore - make every day BUS DAY


what is a bus day ? when and who started it?

should BUS Day celebrated only on FEB 4th or every day, a event that was started by BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Cooperation) to encourage people to use public transport and to reduce traffic but unfortunately it failed to get much media attention and did not reach the people making it partially successful event.

though i came to know about it from friend blog and and forwarded emails on feb 3rd but when i googled up i could not find much about this experimental and innovative event promoted by BMTC i think BMTC should have done some home work in promoting this event by joining hands with MNC's and other organizations in spreading the word.

we can see many people on Bangalore roads ride on the luxury cars all alone with AC's on and long distance to office and not even care to turn off the engine at traffic signals some times i think why government should not pass a rule that people should take car or two wheelers only if they are more than one person to commute else pay fine or some kind of tax this i will not only helps in motivating people to take public transport but also helps in reducing traffic on city roads.

while BMTC is motivating people to take bus to commute ever day to reduce traffic on the city roads it should also try to fix the illogical bus stop locations and educate the bus drivers the way they drive and stop the buses in bus stops parallely blocking the entire traffic and also think of placing the bus stops at correct locations instead of near signals, narrow roads, or street ends which makes driving a bad experience for other vehicles

and between this is a nice initiative by BMTC and i think it should not be limited to Bangalore let all the city transport cooperation of india and around the world promote this event next time and if you are a blogger reading this please write about it and if you are regular reader do spread the word.