Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Imagine a car-free world!

You don’t need to do that anymore. Welcome to Fazilka, a small 162 year old town on the India-Pakistan border....has removed one source of congestion: cars. Yes, that sounds crazy and shocking but it’s true.

Let’s think about the problem of transport for a while. On one hand is the attraction of convenience. Who wouldn’t want to travel in a luxury car driven by a chauffer who takes you wherever you want to go! Yes, traffic is increasing everyday, particularly in metropolitans, and it’s takes forever to get from anywhere to anywhere but people seem okay with adjusting to that. On the other hand, walking on the pedestals is a nightmare and is not considered as a good option by anyone. Come summer and the scorching heat makes things worse. This has trapped our roads and us into a vicious circle of increasing pollution, congestion and traffic and seems to have no solution.... Acara Institute More on Carbusters