Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Disingenuous attack on fare-free public transport

This is how they attack the idea of free public transport:

First, reduce it to an accounting problem.
The key to operating a free public transport is to identify alternate sources of revenue to finance it. Sustaining a free transport policy in the long-term, especially during times of economic volatility, can be highly strenuous. ...
We wonder if the automobile system could withstand a sharp pencil analysis. But that will never happen because the costs of cars are never included specifically in budgets. They are just considered necessary costs of development.

Second, repeat the big lie: "Fares are needed to pay the costs of public transport"
While financial performance is critical for operating public transport, increasing the fare is not the best solution. The approach to the problem will change once it is realised that the objective of operating public transport is not to generate revenue but to offer affordable services to citizens. The need of the hour is to find innovative solutions to make public transport affordable for all.
Here, the same writer admits that fares are for rationing, not revenue.