Friday, September 13, 2013

Bad #publictransit forces people to burn fossil-fuels in private vehicles

Salvation lies in mass transportation | Business: "In fact, the main reason behind the rise in the number of private vehicles such as bikes and cars in the Kathmandu valley is lack of good public transportation. Valley dwellers have no other option than to take the inefficient and uncomfortable service or buy a vehicle of their own. The government has also implemented a code of conduct for operation of public vehicles; however, it has not been effective."

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fuel is rationed by price and power

Free fuel for mantris: At 700 litres a month, a Delhi babu burns Rs 52,000 - Firstpost: "Austerity is for the common people, not the high and mighty babus and ministers. Especially so, when it comes to fuel because nobody exactly knows for sure what the government’s fuel bill is."

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

India, slammed by oil price, car dependency, seeking desperate measures

India oil minister slammed for plan to shut gas stations at night | Reuters: "Moily first floated the idea on Saturday, saying he was working on the details as part of a plan to save $25 billion from the oil import bill and strengthen the rupee.

"We are going through difficult times. We need to discipline ourselves. People will have to tighten their belt and some austerity measures have to be taken without affecting economic activity," he said in comments to the Indian Express newspaper.

In letters sent to the prime minister and the finance ministry, Moily proposed a series of measures, such as a $2.6 million public relations campaign, including "street theatre", to promote lower fuel usage."

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