Sunday, March 24, 2013

Road safety remains elusive in Bangladesh

Road safety remains elusive :: Financial Express :: Financial Newspaper of Bangladesh: "Road safety on the highways of Bangladesh, despite repeated public outcry, remains elusive with the deaths of hundreds of people in road accidents every year. More cars are being pressed into service on the roads every year, but the roads and highways are not increasing.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kathmandu students fighting public transport fare hikes

The Himalayan Times : Agitating students submit memo to govt head - Detail News : Nepal News Portal: "The students have been staging protests for the past few weeks demanding a rollback of the fare hike in public transport, announcement of FSU polls, action against black marketeers, implementation of agreements reached with student unions and others.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Nepal needs cheaper, better bus service, not massive metro projects

The Himalayan Times : Public transportation - Detail News : Nepal News Portal: "Today Nepali people feel that public transport is for the poor. To ensure that people feel that public transport are for everyone and not only for the poor, the government should ensure safe, reliable, punctual, and cheaper bus services. If these conditions are met people would definitively shift from private to public transport gradually. Today, the Europeans park their cars at homes and use public transport to go to their workplace. The reliability, safety, and punctuality aspects are well maintained and using public transport is cheaper than using private vehicles. "

Gajurel is a traffic engineer, currently working as Transport and Traffic Consultant

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Congestion fees are not enough. Cars choking India.

Congestion fee will free up roads, panel tells HC - The Times of India: "Congestion fees will not free up traffic on roads, as travel will not be easyone. There is no proper infrastructure development in India. Even in planned city like Singapore, with fees for using the roads, purchase tax on new vehicle is almost equivalent to the 80% cost of the vehicle, are unable to reduce the congestion at peak hours. The roads are broad with 8 lane traffic, with proper indication for destination, enroute congestion notification, minimum speed limit etc, the advance countries struggle to regulate the traffic. Let our planners pay attention to widen the roads to at least to have 3 lane traffic on each side of the road, with good and even surface, proper pedestrian walks, vehicle parking space, clear highways with out any shops by the side of the road. After implementing the above infrastructures let them talk about congestion fees."

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