Saturday, August 7, 2010

India Current Affairs � Blog Archive � WHO SHOULD PAY FOR THE PUBLIC TRANSPORT – Prof. K. Nageshwar1

India Current Affairs � Blog Archive � WHO SHOULD PAY FOR THE PUBLIC TRANSPORT – Prof. K. Nageshwar1: "The public transport ��has several advantages apart from providing citizens cheaper, reliable and safe transport. A good city is expected to provide public transport catering to at least 70 percent of its population. Greater use of public transport reduces emission of polluting gases thereby contributing to the fight against global warming. �Public transport buses occupy lesser per capita space on roads, lesser per capita emissions. Thus efficient public transport is a solution for traffic problems, road congestion. Thus, public transport should not be viewed as mere commercial proposition. The concept of profit and loss will not apply for the RTC. In the modern society, transport is a basic right of every citizen. In fact many parts of the world, there are even free public transport models. In these models, passengers need not pay for traveling in buses. The funds required will be mobilized by other means. Even in many advanced capitalist countries which believe only in private sector, citizens are provided cheaper and affordable, efficient public transport."

Sunday, August 1, 2010

As humans fight over oil and gas - climate disruption gets worse

Number of homeless rising as floods kill at least 800 in Pakistan: "PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Rescue workers and troops in northwest Pakistan struggled on Saturday to reach thousands of people affected by the country’s worst floods in living memory, as the death toll rose to 800.

The United Nations said almost a million people had been affected by the flooding, and at least 45 bridges destroyed around worst-hit Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province."