Friday, April 26, 2013

People in Lahore desperately want #publictransit

Sharifs hope to ride transit scheme to victory - The Globe and Mail: "Lahoris continue to pack the Turkish-operated bus service. A ticket is only 20 rupees, or about 20 cents. And it is the first-ever mass public transit project in a country where millions of people who cannot afford a car or motorcycle must endure lengthy daily commutes in the heat in a private network of decades-old fume-spewing buses, rickshaws, minivans and often on foot in order to get to work and back home.

“We have changed the way people think about travelling,” said Mr. Shah, a U.S.-educated and trained transport engineer in charge of the bus system. “A journey that took about 100 minutes now can be done in 62 minutes in an air-conditioned bus, very comfortably.”

The system was built for 40,000 riders, but has attracted 125,000 riders a day, Mr. Shah added."

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