Friday, August 23, 2013

Solution to traffic congestion in Pune is public transport

Improve public transport to curb traffic congestion: ITDP - Pune - DNA: "Gadepalli said, “Just increase the rate of parking per hour in Pune by only Rs5 for two-wheeler and Rs10 for four-wheeler. The funds collected by increased rates should be used for the development of the area and improvement of public transport, with cleaner buses and better frequency.”

Gadepalli said, “Public sharing cycles should be encouraged in the city. A person can become the member and use it wherever he goes and park it in the designated lane which will help to improve the traffic system.”

Making wider roads or constructing flyovers will not help to curb the issue of traffic menace in the city. It can only be done once we encourage people to use public transport system. Only then we can have a good life for human beings, she said."

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