Friday, March 28, 2014

Cars move only 7% of commuters, but use much more than that in space, time, and money

Hindustan Times: "Mumbai was the mega city in the world with the highest proportion of people using public transport — trains and buses — around 87%. But that has dropped to some 82% because there has been no investment in these modes, while thousands of crores have been spent on sea links, coastal highways and flyovers, all of which cater only to the 7% using cars to commute.

The Mumbai Environment Social Network (MESN), which is a key public transit advocate, countered the familiar excuse that there is “not enough space for cars and buses” by noting that a bus can run for 16 hours and carry 1,000 persons in a day (parking for eight hours); a car runs for two hours, makes about four person trips per day (and is parked for 22 hours). Fewer people have been using the city’s once-iconic BEST buses because of the congestion on the roads, caused by the burgeoning number of cars."

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