Friday, March 28, 2014

Expert: tax cars, fund #publictransit

Experts call for common vision to integrate public transport - The Hindu: "Etienne Lhomet, Codatu’s independent consultant, said other commuting modes must modernise, with the metro rail remaining the back bone of the integrated transport system. Traffic planning and management, and the upkeep of public spaces in Kochi too must improve to yield desired results, he said. “A city can be changed for good based on changes in mobility pattern. Urban culture and civic sense among people too will improve with the arrival of modern, commuter-friendly transporting modes,” he said.

He called for allotting more funds for Kochi’s water transport, which needs to be modernised. “The government can collect funds by levying more tax and fees on private vehicles, especially cars,” Mr. Lhomet said.

Their teammate Laura spoke of how French cities like Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux recently promoted the cause of public transport by ferrying people for free for three days, following an increase in levels of air pollution in those cities."

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