Sunday, April 27, 2014

India Politics and Transportation Issues

Sustainable Cities Collective : "Should buses and public transport be given importance only during formal inauguration? When buses are given due respect similar to that of a marriage bride, shouldn’t’ the father and mother of bride (here, politicians claiming to be mother and father of buses) also take care? Is the role of fathers and mothers only limited until the inaugural sessions? Isn’t it the duty of politicians to also look after sustainability of public transport? Neglecting public transport is like celebrating the birth of child with great pomp and joy and then leaving the child on its own to grow up and become a goon or dacoit.For a developing nation like India, which is world’s second most populous country and has to depend on external aid for meetings 80% of its crude oil demand, it is now a high time that politicians, godfathers and godmothers of different states and political parties think seriously towards the investments made in public transport and act towards sustainability and promotion of public transport, come out of the old fashion of thinking public transport and new buses as the subject of ‘Inauguration Only’. If India wishes to achieve cost cutting in fuel consumption, oil imports and carbon emissions, 'politicians' will have to play a pivotal role in leveraging public transportation. "

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