Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kathmandu is literally paving paradise

Nepal News Portal: "There is no possibility to widen roads infinitely. Therefore, Nepal needs to learn from the experiences of other cities to promote public transportation systems immediately. Public transport has the capacity to solve the challenges of increasing mobility, improving quality of life, controlling road accidents and traffic accidents. Nepal is in dire need of a public transport system that is safe, secure, reliable, integrated, smooth, comfortable, economical, efficient, and affordable. Once the level of service of public transport reaches close to the levels of private vehicle use, people will automatically shift from private to public transportation. Bus Rapid Transit in Curitiba, Bogota, Jakarta, Ahmedabad etc. has delivered results and has set examples. Economically sound countries have opted for metro, tram and buses and the developing countries have focused on bus transit. A well developed bus transit is economic to implement and has the capacity to satisfy mobility needs of the people. It is a well-accepted fact that there is no alternative to developing public bus services in Nepal. The solution is to move people by public buses, walking, and bicycles. - See more at: "

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